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Sometimes I just can’t help myself. Often those times involve books. I put a whole bunch of books on hold, which isn’t unusual; what is unusual is that they were available right away. Normally, by virtue of scant copies and high demand, I have to wait quite a while for my holds to come in. […]

Title: THE MEMORY KEEPER’S DAUGHTER Author: Kim Edwards Publisher: Penguin Year Published: 2006 Recommended: No. I know plenty of people love it, but I found very, very little to appreciate in this novel, and given its length (400 dense pages with obese paragraphs) it’s quite an investment for so little pay-off. Spoilers: In the second-to-last […]

Bloomsbury, which put out the LIAR cover which substituted a white, fair-haired girl for the black, tomboyish protagonist, recently came under fire for doing basically the same thing all over again. This time the book is MAGIC UNDER GLASS, by Jaclyn Dolamore. The protagonist: brown-skinned. The girl on the cover: definitely not. Bloomsbury has responded […]

Title: LEVIATHAN Author: Scott Westerfeld Publisher: Simon Pulse Year Published: 2009 Recommended: To anyone looking for light adventure and fun, and doesn’t run screaming in the other direction at the mention of steampunk. Spoilers: Not really. I think. My first exposure to this book was stumbling across the magnificent map that lies inside the covers […]

Title: ASH Author: Malinda Lo Publisher: Little, Brown Year Published: 2009 Recommended: To those who are intrigued by the idea. It’s a lovely but simple story, and while I enjoyed reading it I’m not sure I’ll remember much about it. Spoilers: Technically yes, but it’s a hard book to spoil if you know the basic […]

Note: This is a review I wrote quite some time ago (more than a year) but it was buried in my personal journal and I didn’t want to lose it. So here it is. Title: The Stolen Child Author: Keith Donahue Publisher: Anchor Year published: 2007 Spoilers: A few. Recommended: It’s been a long while […]

Title: Truly, Madly Author: Heather Webber Publisher: St Martin’s Press Year Published: 2010 (will release in February) Spoilers: A few non-specific ones. Recommended: This is what I would call a “popcorn book.” It’s fun to read, but it won’t stay with you and doesn’t have a lot of substance–and if you dine exclusively on its […]