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Title: Give Up the Ghost Author: Megan Crewe Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. Year Published: 2009 Recommended: Yes, with the usual caveats about YA. This is a very high-school-centric book, so if you’re not keen to return to those dingy halls, you probably want to skip it, but otherwise it’s a short, interesting read with […]

As of this past week, I’m serving as the Editorial Assistant/Slush Slave for Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Very exciting! My picture is up on the website and everything! For those that don’t know, BCS is an online magazine for secondary-world fantasy (exact guidelines here). It’s an SFWA-qualified market, which means that sales to BCS will count […]

First off, I’d like to point you all to Unleaded: Fuel for Writers, a blog run by my friends Renee and Day. With podcasts! The theme is 60 seconds of writerly inspiration. I’ll be lending my pen keyboard to the cause by writing 60-word mini-reviews either twice a month or once a week. My first […]

Title: SKINNED and CRASHED Author: Robin Wasserman Publisher: Simon Pulse Year Published: 2008 & 2009 Recommended: There is a lot of teenage stupidity (and adult stupidity) on display, which can get frustrating, and the books hit on one of my biggest pet peeves (religious zealotry with no balancing moderates), but they’re engaging stories, and I’m […]

Title: The Demon’s Lexicon Author: Sarah Rees Brennan Publisher: Simon & Schuster Year Published: 2009 Recommended: Most certainly, to those who can stand a little angst and are interested in the concept/genre. If you don’t tend to like urban fantasy (or, to a lesser extent, YA) this isn’t going to be the book to astound […]

Title: ICE Author: Sarah Beth Durst Publisher: Simon & Schuster Year Published: 2009 Recommended: This is difficult. I had some big problems with this book that kept me from enjoying it, but if those things don’t bother you, it’s otherwise an engaging read. And the only way to explain those problems is through some spoilers. […]