News and Other Nonsense


First off, I’d like to point you all to Unleaded: Fuel for Writers, a blog run by my friends Renee and Day. With podcasts! The theme is 60 seconds of writerly inspiration. I’ll be lending my pen keyboard to the cause by writing 60-word mini-reviews either twice a month or once a week. My first one is up now, so check it out. Pretty please!

Secondly, writing! I’m doing it. The last few months have been pretty dry on the writing front; I’ve spent a lot of time noodling with various projects, trying to figure out which one I want to work on next. And then I glanced back at my finished manuscript (following a very nice rejection), gasped, and frantically scribbled three pages of handwritten notes about things that NEEDED TO CHANGE RIGHT NOW. So, it’s not exactly forward progress, but it’s progress. The overhaul should be done within about a month (hopefully) and THEN I’ll have to decide what to work on next.

Except, of course, that I’m going to be doing a brainstorming workshop thingamajig (ok, how awesome is it that spellcheck recognizes that as a word?), for which I need a synopsis of a project. I thought I’d decided which one, and then I started to actually work on it, and then I started to hate it. So now I’m back to poking at my infinity+1 novel ideas and hoping that one transforms into a bootiful butterfly sometime in the next few days. So, I’m looking at: an Urban Fantasy (with demons! and badass grandmothers! and a girl with blue hair [who dies]!), a YA small-town fantasy/murder mystery (with a boy mc! and high school drama! and bigotry!), a fantasy (with not-Spartans! and an evil empire who might actually be the good guys! and sex with gods!), or a YA werewolf novel (with liberal arts colleges! and feminism! and brooding!). There are others, but they’re not at the point where I could do anything but “this is the concept, and then things happen but I’m not sure what” as a synopsis.

Maybe I’ll roll a die for it.


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